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Project Description
Squid is a easy-to-use micro-blogging library that allows a user to create an RSS feed by simply writing a simple T-SQL statement. Creating an RSS feed is literally a one step process. Simply write something like "SELECT Id=0, Title=PersonName, Description=PersonSalesData FROM dbo.Person" and you're done!

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Squid Overview

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As a Training Tool

Squid is built on .NET 3.5 using WCF and ASP.NET custom controls. When Squid was previously known as the Data Feed Framework, it relied on both RSS.NET and Atom.NET for feed creation and aggregation, however, since WCF now natively supports this functionality, Squid no longer requires any external dependencies. Squid also uses ASP.NET custom controls for it's InfoBlock control which may be used as an example of simple databound custom controls.

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